Encouraging Success Scholarship

This scholarship was created for African-American students or other students of color that are faced with financial or other challenges impeding access to education and development services.
Wayne Williams was a first generation African-American college student during a time of civil unrest and social uncertainty. It was because of self-determination and the help he received when it was unexpected that he was able to complete college and acquire two Masters Degrees. Wayne’s goal of this scholarship is to reach back and ensure that the recipients of this scholarship know someone is supporting them through every stage of their journey in education.

International Students are not eligible for this scholarship.

Award amounts may be adjusted by the TCC Foundation according to student credit load and number of quarters enrolled at TCC. Failure to maintain the requirements for this scholarship will cause your award to be cancelled for the remainder of the academic year. For more information visit www.tacomacc.edu/TCCFoundationScholarships

Wayne Williams